> With all due respect Gary...
> http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/URI.html (look for "I didn't think URLs
> have to be persistent - that was URNs")

I think that document just highlights how inefficient the current
conventions are for ensuring a piece of information will always be
accessible.  I think it also indicates that the most useful and reliable
URI is one that identifies the document in space and time.  Referring back
to Taco's original comment about URL's...... this would not really make
for a "memorable" URL (as it would tend to be mostly made up of date/time
information).  The article even says that date/time is a good place to
start for creating URI's.

The opening sentences in that document says:

"There are no reasons at all in theory for people to change URIs (or stop
maintaining documents), but millions of reasons in practice."

The process is so subjective and every different organisation has it's own
rules on what it will and wont do with URI's (which include both URL's and

Saying that Apache as a web server has ways and means to mask all of this
is fine.  Except so many webmasters out there don't even know what their
web server can actually do - or they are hamstrung by internal policies
that dont allow them to use the server effectively.

Again I quote from the article:

"A lot of people don't know that servers such as Apache give you a lot of
control over a flexible relationship between the URI of an object and
where a file which represents it actually is in a file system."

So - in terms of this list and "standards".....  there are some
"standards" out there about what these things are - but a lot of
imagination about how they are are actually being used.

That being the case, then surely therein is the argument for coming up
with a better approach.

I brought up URN's because they are not used very much.

Tim clearly states in the section you mentioned that what people should do
is build a database of URN's that map to the underlying file system.

"Make a database which maps document URN to current filename, and let the
web server use that to actually retrieve files."

And he also states that the tools for doing the above really aren't mature
enough at the moment.

See the section entitled: "We would like to but we just dont have the
right tools".  And I think you will see exactly where my argument was
coming from.

So - I tend to think I am pretty much in agreement with what is being said

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