Patrick wrote:
> How accessible...and semantic! Write valid code, so you pass automated
> validators, then use JS to basically mess it up in whatever way you
> like? Sorry, but that's hardly the point of web standards, imho.

Indeed. At the moment I'm trying to use a definition list but I'm not
getting very far. I've got the following markup:

<dl><dt>99.</dt><dd><a href="">Article title</a></dd>
<dt>100.</dt><dd><a href="">Article title</a> - <span

And the following css:

dt { float:left; }
dd { margin:4px 8px; }

This looks fine in firefox, but with IE 6 (Windows XP) the contents of the
first dt are appearing slightly raised in comparison to the contents of the
following dd. The other dts and dds are being displayed fine...

All the best,

Ian Fenn
Chopstix Media

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