Thierry Koblentz said:
> Are you saying that you disagree with my interpretation of these articles
> or that I am plain wrong?
Both. You have misinterpreted the articles, and have formed an opinion
based on that misintrepretation.

Further, you are defending your opinion by simply being contrary and
nothing more (e.g. your claim that divs are hacks; you use skip links on
your site but are argueing here that every link must load an entirely new

> the popup window reference is irrelevant.
> If you simply replace "opening new windows" with "using jump links"
If you replaced it with "chocolate orange cake" it would make sense
according to your logic, but it becomes glaringly obvious just how wrong
that logic is.

What you are calling "jump links" are nothing more than hypertext links.
Hypertext links are the foundation of the web. W3C define hypertext links
like this: "A link is a connection from one web resource to another [1]...
The destination anchor of a link may be an element within an HTML

> It seems that for the author the bottom line is *consistency*
Consistency *is* the bottom line for usability. I have never disputed
that. Nielsen also says use platform conventions. Creating a list of links
to resources within a page is a convention for the web.


kind regards
Terrence Wood.

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