Christian Montoya wrote:
On 2/13/06, James Gollan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Chris Taylor wrote:
And, a larger question for us all: what are we as web standards and
accessibility evangelists to do about the continued ingorance and apathy
towards this vital subject, especially in academia? Let's hope that the
recent Target website court case in the US highlights the cause.

I feel it is worth pointing out that not all educational institutions
are still teaching table based design.

Yes, we know. I've told the list before that the classes I take at
Cornell teach standards based design with CSS, and it's exciting to
know that all my peers are standardistas like me. But it is very easy
for professors to go against change and keep teaching the same
methods... and if the sites they use are Google-Amazon-Ebay, they
might not even notice that anything has changed.
Absolutely agree that the institution can provide a fairly protected environment for those who want to use it that way - the inertia generated by tenure and impending retirement is often insurmountable! Encouraging student feedback seems to be one of the only ways of change in this situation.
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