Vlad Alexander (XStandard) wrote:
Designer wrote:
By that term ["purely visual site"] I meant a site which
has very little (if any) text.
Thank you for the example but I don't understand what is purely visual about 
this site. If the alt text for images was written correctly, a blind person 
using a screen reader or someone who turned image rendering off in the browser, 
would still get information from this site.

The same would apply if 100% of the content on the site were made up of images.
X/HTML is not a visual technology. So long as Web pages are written in X/HTML according 
to specification, there shouldn't be such a things as a "purely visual site".


Well Vlad, whether it fits your conception or not, there is such a thing as a site whose prime function is visual. The only 'information' in the site I mentioned is what something 'looks like'. If you can't see it, there is nothing you can do to help that.
It's a sad fact of life I'm afraid.



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