On 6/9/07 (17:58) Tony said:

>we're in a catch 22 as I see it.
>if the browser manufacturers make the defaults smaller, then a lot of  
>web sites break.  If you don't adjust  the font size at all it looks  
>bigger than expected to *most* users - and if the client is looking  
>at their site compared to everyone else they also expect it to look  
>similar, not have massive fonts.
>perhaps the wise and good on his list would make it blindingly  
>obvious which is the best and most pragmatic way to set font-size to  
>conform to the norm - i.e. smaller than the default *without* messing  
>up the minority of web users who have changed the defaults in their  
>which I think is the crux of the matter, since in the absence of hard  
>evidence all our feelings on who has set what and what they think to  
>the norm is pointless.
>I'd like a foolproof way of pleasing my client, without upsetting  
>is there a way?

Tony, next time I think I'll get you to write my original post.
Clarity. I like clarity.  ;-)

Rick Lecoat

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