Tony Crockford wrote:
what are the downsides of this approach?
the down side is the user controls your font sizes. in ie i usually use the medium setting then check the largest setting to make sure the design doesn't break. there are some who set 12 as their minimum and god knows what for a maximum font size. then others set a minimum of 9. these are just some of the joys of being a web developer/designer.

who do they affect? how are they affected.
everybody is effected and it depends on their font size settings in there browser. also screen resolution plays a part in font sizes as well. 800x600 fonts and images are huge while 1280x800 on my laptop seems normal to me now. i still run across sites that have small font sizes for their content. once you start increasing the font size to where you can read it the design usually falls apart, especially if the designer used table for layout.

(I'm slightly hazy on the whole user set browser defaults thing, there seem to be a number of options including application preferences and user stylesheets. and a combination of minimum fonts, ignore all fonts and larger/smaller text settings in IE)

so, what happens if a user has their default font set larger than the browser default in this case?
then the fonts are larger.

conversely what happens if they have set their default smaller than the manufacturer shipped settings?
then the fonts are smaller.

Maybe Felix explained it, but I didn't understand it, can someone just make it simple, so I can judge the merit of this pragmatism?
i guess the best practice *norm* would be to set the font size in the body at 100% and scale up or down from there using css. you can make yourself sick if you worry about this too much.

all you can do is decide on how you want your font size to look with respect to default browser settings and pray that someone out there doesn't set their font settings to 5 or worse yet 1; but then again, that's their choice and that was one of the hardest things for me to overcome; i can make it look good on my computer, but i have no control over the browser settings other viewers of my sites set for themselves.

good luck,

Dwain Alford
"The artist may use any form which his expression demands;
for his inner impulse must find suitable expression."  Kandinsky

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