On 6 Sep 2007, at 20:32, dwain wrote:

Tony Crockford wrote:

I'm still looking for a best practice solution to reducing font size to the *norm* and not causing problems when I do so.

have you any suggestions on that front?

in web design and the way the viewer can set font limits, i don't think there is a *norm*. setting your font size to 100% in the body and then using ems or percentages to "shrink" font size is what i would recommend.

That's what I've been doing.

what are the downsides of this approach?

who do they affect? how are they affected.

(I'm slightly hazy on the whole user set browser defaults thing, there seem to be a number of options including application preferences and user stylesheets. and a combination of minimum fonts, ignore all fonts and larger/smaller text settings in IE)

so, what happens if a user has their default font set larger than the browser default in this case?

conversely what happens if they have set their default smaller than the manufacturer shipped settings?

Maybe Felix explained it, but I didn't understand it, can someone just make it simple, so I can judge the merit of this pragmatism?


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