Stuart Foulstone wrote:

You could possibly use how your college's own Website is coded to support
your case.

I don't know which college you're at, but look at how their Website is
coded  - I would be surprised if their still using the methods your tutor
is teaching.

I feel your frustration in the way our future experts are being taught our field. I agree that you should not allow your emotions to show when and if you are trying to convince the school to see it via the international standards. If I recall from your beginning posting you mentioned something about the University of Birmingham while their website home page has a few errors on it they did not use tables for positioning. Their CSS also validates. I would suggest that the only way you are going to get any school policies to change would be by requesting a meeting with the head of the appropriate department of the school. As far as your tutor goes I think you may find that they want you to build your pages with tables because of their lack of understanding of CSS or other technologies such as JavaScript.

The school itself may want to teach you to use tables for positioning simply because it is easier for them to break apart the different technologies. High Schools are teaching HTML at this point and they are teaching by the old ways prior CSS. I think you will also find that the school systems are still promoting deprecated tags such as the font tag they may even teach you to use the embed tag as well even though it was never a part of HTML at all.

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