> For a few years now I've been marking up a clients company logo as a <h1>.
> I just wanted to get an idea of how many people actually do this compared to
> using a html image tag? I believe a <h1> is more semantically correct
> however I'd be interested in seeing what other people on this list think.

My take is that only the homepage should have the company name/logo as the
h1. As you move through the site, the h1 should shift to the more specific
top heading on the page - on a category/index page it would be that
category's name; on a specific content page it should be the headline on the

On these other pages the logo/name just goes in a div, usually with a
strong. That way, you build a logical structure across the site. Each page
will have a logical h1.

That's the ideal of course. If your system doesn't allow for that sort of
thing, having the logo as the h1 on every page isn't the end of the world,
although you really need to make sure your title and h2 combination is
accurate to make up for it :)


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