I agree, this is not web standards. However remember they could be following web standards with their CSS version.

and I don't think it is just in the UK, it is every where for Vodafone.
Which not only defies any effort you made to put the thing together for presentation standards as well.

I think it is their solution to controlling the user experience on handset side of things when someone accesses mobile web.

Why don't they let the community sought it out?
It seems now that if standards are to be effective in the mobile access space, there is now another hump to get an open standard.

are they doing this for all sites on all types of phones....
or only changing it if the phone's browser can't handle the original format/doctype/css/etc

The latter is nothing new...
Google has been doing it for years for pages linked from mobile search results allowing even ancient phones to browse pages they would not otherwise be able to look at.
(ie making them accessible!)

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