With respect Mark,

Please do not misrepresent me.

I did not say the client had to do it my way, to the contrary, I said in my post, in a portion you did not include, that the technology used must be derived from a business strategy and a needs scope of the site.

To wit:
" The technology you decide to deploy should be a result of having defined the strategy and scope of a project and identified the resources for ongoing content and support."

I never said all clients need to have a web team either, I just stated where, in my experience, Contribute would be useful and has aided workflow and has operated well.

And I completely agree, no-one in their right mind would drag a client, child, dog or whatever, "kicking and screaming" towards improvement. But surely a client sees the benefit of being able to edit and create their own content, and one proposing Contribute already has this in mind. It is up to we professionals to show them an option that goes towards their own content supply, but in a more integrated fashion than Contribute can manage.


On 02/11/2008, at 4:43 PM, Mark Harris wrote:

Joe Ortenzi wrote:
Contribute is not about content management as much as it is about allowing an in-house web team to share tasks without a "proper" CMS deployed. Thus your coder can code and the content writer can write but it can be all wrapped within a team. This is, frankly, Web 1.0, and your time and their money is better served by getting a simple CMS deployed that meets with their scope and strategy and will be easier to manage for everyone, client included.

With respect, this is so much bollocks.

The manner of deployment is always the client's choice. If you can offer her something better, by all means offer, but it's arrogant to tell the client "you have to do it this way".

Many clients won't have an "in-house" web team - they'll have one person to whom "maintaining the website" is only 1/4 of their job. Some outfits are still coming to grips with how they should be using the web and need baby steps.

While it's a designer's job to help educate them, you can't drag them kicking and screaming into something they're not ready for.


Mark Harris

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