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> Hi Guys,
> A client wants to use Adobe Contribute for content management.
> Is there any point writing standards complient code or will contribute
> butcher the code anyway?
> Can I use php at all with contribute? Would love to be able to include html
> files using php to avoid having to change loads of pages everytime
> navigation changes etc.
> James

I do free work for non-profits, and many of them ask about using
Contribute.  A CMS won't work for them because most of them have a small
existing website that they got someone to do at some point in the last few
years and they're trying to change it/add to it/figure out how to do
anything to it.  They aren't willing to start from scratch and have a CMS
set up for them, nor do the volunteers want to learn all about editing in a
role based application, no matter how easy it is.  These are the people who
Contribute is a lifesaver for.  I go in and clean up their stuff, make it
into PHP and design includes they can't accidently edit and show them how to
use Contribute by surfing to their web site and clicking the Contribute
button.  TaDa - they can edit, sans butchering.

Yes there are better solutions out there, but there's nothing wrong with
this solution.  I don't feel it's my job to tell them that I won't help them
unless they get on board with the latest and greatest.  I'm here to help
them make sure their web site is accessible and that they can change text on
the few pages they'll update.

For me, the client is always right.  They know their business, their people,
their limitations.  That doesn't mean I can't say, "Yes, though we could
also do that by  XXXX"  but in the end, they make the final decisions and a
lot of the time I don't agree on everything, but they call the shots, and we
have to be gracious.  I try to teach as I go , but I don't force my clients
to learn if they don't want to.  And you might be surprised how many don't
want to.

Susan R. Grossman

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