On Sun, 2008-11-02 at 08:21 -0500, Todd Budnikas wrote:
> with respect to both sides here, I have had numerous clients come to me
> requesting Contribute as a solution. I would say the reason, in every case
> i believe, is the cost. It's a 1 time fee of $99. I imagine, that if you
> can offer something comparable or cheaper to them, they would appreciate
> the  recommendation and scrap Contribute if the other product(s) worked
> better, were easier to maintain and implement, etc.
> I would guess here that the client isn't dictating technology, but budget
> for CMS. I mean, what are the chances they've used a bunch of solutions,
> and settled that Contribute is the best and meets their workflow?

I had not heard of Contribute but from what I see searching on it, 
it looks to me like a desktop application sort of like Dreamweaver... ?

regarding costs:
There are plenty of free/open source CMS out there 
(eg xoops, drupal, etc) and for basic stuff a lot of them are pretty
easy to set up so long as the web host has the required software
installed (php, mysql, etc)

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