On 14-Oct-16 1746, Chuck Yahrling wrote:

>If this is all foreign I will forward Greg Beam's email
> introducing the options that need to be set. 

Please do
> HMMM, maybe you are on the old QT 5.? instead of new QT 5.5.

folder named 5.21

will need help/guidance to update it please.

Also, after rebuilding hamlib3 then I did the regular build-wsjtx rinstall.

failed with a minor problem re "DOC .. early on I knew how to set
WSJT_GENERATE_DOCS:BOOL to OFf .... i found CMakeCache.txt but dunno if
there is a current one outside the latest build from which the build
version is made.

So I ignored error and ran 7178-Dirty .. same 49% problem.

I'd made no updates. No changes. Just ran it late in the evening and
then early morning then ran it again an never did anything but HOG


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