On 14/10/2016 11:48, Bob KD7YZ wrote:
> I since rebuilt and when I run it the cpu is still 49%.
> I am unable account for why MSK144 worked for so many hours then decided
> to hog my CPU to death.

Hi Bob,

MSK144 mode now uses a continuous decoding algorithm while receiving. 
This will use a lot of CPU power but that is not necessarily an issue. 
You have not said what is not working. Assuming you have a dual core CPU 
or a single core with hyper-threading then it would seem that the MSK144 
decoder is fully utilizing one CPU thread and the other is available for 
everything else like the user interface, rig control, audio streaming etc..

Do not expect to be able to run other CPU intensive applications on a 
slow single or dual core processor while decoding on MSK144 mode, the 
decoder has to do a lot of work to continuously scan the incoming audio 
for potential decodes.


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