Hi Bill and all,

I thought that those who build on OS X might find this of interest. 

I was unable to build on OS X 10.11.6 after updating to Xcode 8 (from Xcode 7). 
The cmake configuration would fail when testing gfortran, due to a linker 
error. The error message was " ld: unexpected token: !tapi-tbd-v2 file”. I 
tried both the Xcode linker in /usr/bin and the Macports-installed gcc5 linker 
in /opt/local/bin and got the same error message. I was able to get it to work 
by using macports to install the “ld64_xcode" variant of ld64: sudo port 
install ld64 +ld64_xcode.

Strangely, I had no problem on my laptop when I updated to Xcode 8 a few weeks 
ago. However, I don’t think that I have done a configuration from scratch on 
that machine since I updated Xcode. Maybe the same problem would crop up there 
if I tried to configure.

In any case, maybe this information will save someone else some time.

Steve k9an

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