a few changes of the RTDM layer were committed to trunk recently. They
make handling of RTDM file descriptors more handy:

 o rt_dev_close/POSIX-close now polls as long as the underlying device
   reports -EAGAIN. No more looping inside the application is required.
   This applies to the usual non-RT invocation of close, the corner
   case "close from RT context" can still return EAGAIN.

 o Automatic cleanup of open file descriptors has been implemented. This
   is not yet the perfect design (*), but a straightforward approach to
   ease the cleanup after application crashes or other unexpected

The code is still young, so testers are welcome.


(*) Actually, I would like to see generic per-process file descriptor
tables one day, used by both the POSIX and the RTDM skin. The FD table
should be obtained via xnshadow_ppd_get(). But first this requires
lock-less xnshadow_ppd_get() based on ipipe_get_ptd() to keep the
overhead limited. Yet another story.

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