Stelian Pop wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 13, 2007 at 04:42:27PM +0200, Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Where do you get ENODEV? On nucleus startup? Please provide
>> /proc/timer_list output of the working and non-working setups.
> It turns out that I had the Linux NMI watchdog enabled (nmi_watchdog=1
> on the command line) and this was causing the -ENODEV problems. Once
> removed, I'm able to boot and successfully run all configurations: UP,
> UP + APIC, UP + APIC + IO_APIC, SMP. And the latencies are back to normal.
> Maybe we should detect that the NMI watchdog is enabled and issue a
> warning message, this would save others a few hours and many kernel
> builds...

NMI is still broken for >= 2.6.22, known issue :-/. The problem is that
Linux falls back to the PIT, leaving our beloved APIC in disabled state
which makes Xenomai fail when asking for it. $Someone has to look into
the reason why we cannot take over the APIC in that scenario...

> This is with your timer cleanup patch, of course.
>> PS: For unknown reasons your mails don't make it to my address,
>> only to the list. Do you get any error messages?
> I did get one saying:
>       <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>: host[] refused to 
> talk to me:
>       554 Transaction failed. For explanation visit
> I didn't investigate yet what's happenning.

Your IP is probably associated to some DSL access, and a lot of
providers block such senders categorically due to all the spam robots
running on hijacked user PCs.


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