Kazuko O. wrote:

I am a user of XXE Version 7.1 and I use it under the Japanese Windows 7 
When selecting menu item "View|XML Source," the document view is displayed like 
the attached
"xml_source_view.jpg". In this picture, some text and tags are overlapped and I 
have difficulty reading
and adding text strings.
Is this a normal symptom even in the English environment?

No, this is a clearly bug and almost certainly a Java bug.

Which Java runtime are you using?

The simplest is to send us the contents of the "Help|About XMLmind XML Editor" dialog box. How to do this is explained here:

About XMLmind XML Editor

     Displays the customary About dialog box.

The Copy button found in the About dialog box copies to the clipboard extensive information about the runtime environment of XXE. Please do not forget to attach this information to the bug reports you send us.

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