Yes, the PDF file issue for Yojimbo seems to actually be a two part issue:

1) a large amount of small PDF files (under 5 MB each), or
2) a smaller amount of PDF files (over 5 MB each).

I don't know about other Yojimbo users, but I have sort of a
combination of the two. I have a number of PDF files that are software
manuals (GraphicConverter, Take Control, etc. that are up to around 25
MB in size. I also have  a fairly large number of PDF files that are
digital receipts of software and hardware purchases that I either have
scanned a copy of or "printed" to PDF. I also have a number of web
archive files as well as a number of files that I have chosen to make
PDF files rather than web archives. I have about 50 files so far, but
the amount increases by two or more per week these days.

As far as Yep is concerned, I have stopped using it at least for now.
I took a break even before the issues with the 1.5 upgrade as I and
another user never got a response to a problem with generating or
renaming a  scanned document where Yep just kept spinning its wheels.
It was not even able to create a PDF with default naming by the



What would be a large amount of PDFs?

I see two different possible uses for Yojimbo:

1-For stroing info scraps. I have 100s of PDFs already in YJ and it's
doing a fine job with no issues, but there are not massive PDFs
excepts for a few.

2-For storing a catalogue of PDFs, for example all my design/print
output PDFs. These are larger files and there are a whole lot more of
them. For the minute, I'm not using YJ for this. I would like to but I
don't think BareBones designed the software for this type of function.
If each PDF is 5MB and I add a couple every day, I'd have a pretty
unrully database very fast and I don't think it would have a good
effect on my .Mac syncing either!



Quoting Bob Koss <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On Apr 8, 2007, at 8:07 AM, Brian Durant wrote:
>> For a while now, I have been a licensed user of both Yojimbo and Yep.
>> I have come to the conclusion after a number of months of use, that
>> Yojimbo is by far the better piece of software for me, particularly
>> after the recent Yep 1.5 upgrade PDF file debacle.
> What was the 1.5 debacle? I'm still using 1.2.

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