I'm glad there are people who like Yojimbo the way it is. I want people to buy it, because I think Bare Bones is a good company and I want it to continue to exist. However, Yojimbo is not quite adequate for my needs.

I tried Yojimbo for the 30-day trial period last summer, using it to collect information for a vacation. I found it to be very useful, and a pleasure to use. It was handy to be able to store PDFs and web archives of information I wanted to come back to easily, as well as my own notes. Yojimbo was my first experience with tagging, and I found that to be useful as well.

When the trial period was over, however, I did not purchase the program. Why not? Our vacation was over. I no longer needed the information immediately at hand, but neither did I want to delete it. What I really wanted was to set that library aside and start a new one for the next project or trip. I'd like to use Yojimbo to collect everything related to a particular project, and be able to store that collection with other project materials, be it on a CD in a box with other items or on a computer at a different location. Perhaps a friend would like to take a vacation to the same place; I'd like to be able to give them a copy of that library.

In other words, I want to be able to have multiple self-contained library databases. This would not add any complexity whatsoever for those who like Yojimbo the way it is--they can simply continue using one monolithic library--but it would add an order of magnitude of usefulness for me, and I suspect for others as well.

I sent this feature request to Bare Bones' support address, and received a prompt and honest reply. Unfortunately, the reply was that "the chances of Yojimbo supporting multiple databases at any point in the future are very slim, as doing so would require changes to a whole slew of design and implementation choices; overall, we think the drawbacks considerably outweigh any potential benefit." Which, sadly, makes it so close and yet so far from what I need.

It's too bad, because I haven't really liked any of the alternatives I've looked at so far. Either they're more complex than I want, or they just don't look as nice as Yojimbo. So for now, I'm still using the Finder and traditional hierarchical organization.

I'm still monitoring this list though, in case anything changes! :-)

- Jerry

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