Rhet Turnbull wrote:
You might want to try Eagle Filer: http://c-command.com/eaglefiler/
It is similar to Yojimbo but supports multiple libraries and nested folders. It also stores its data as regular files in the filesystem so you could easily copy all the files you want and give to a friend per the use case you outlined or browse your data with the Finder.

I looked at Eagle Filer early last year. I think there was something I didn't like about it, but can't recall what it was, and whatever it was may have changed by now. It may have been simply that it wasn't as pretty. I'll take another look.

Charlie Garrison wrote:
There is another software package, can't recall the name of it right now,
which will manage multiple prefs/databases/whatever for programs that are
not designed around 'documents'. You should be able to use that to have
multiple databases for Yojimbo.

Rhet Turnbull wrote:

Ah, yes! I looked at rooSwitch a while back, but had forgotten it. That might solve the problem enough to make it worth considering Yojimbo again. Might cause some issues with syncing, but that wouldn't affect my usage.

Still, it would be better if this ability was built in to Yojimbo. More than one library could be open at once if needed, each in its own window. Items could be moved or copied between libraries by dragging and dropping. One search could scan multiple libraries.

Steve Kalkwarf wrote:
The implied assumption that tends to go along with almost any request is that adding feature X doesn't increase the complexity of Yojimbo. That is untrue.

I agree. However, I don't think that applies to my request. (Doesn't everyone say that? :-)) That is, it would increase the complexity on the development side, but from a user's perspective--which I think is what you meant--nothing has to change. Don't even give the option of multiple libraries unless the user explicitly enables it.

Now, if a feature request has a known disposition, we generally share that answer. ... I prefer the honest answer, whether it makes people happy or not.

Thank you, I appreciate that.

The "one feature I have to have" is not the one feature you have to have, or Charlie has to have, or probably more than a couple people have to have.

I know I've seen my "one feature" requested by others.

Another interesting belief carried by most power users (and I include myself in this group) is that they are representative of all users.

Definitely not true in my case (perhaps due to having been on both the development and support sides of things). Representative of some users, assuredly yes. All, definitely not.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading.

Thanks for writing--everyone! :-)

- Jerry

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