The implied assumption that tends to go along with almost any request is that adding feature X doesn't increase the complexity of Yojimbo. That is untrue.

I agree. However, I don't think that applies to my request. (Doesn't everyone say that? :-)) That is, it would increase the complexity on the development side, but from a user's perspective--which I think is what you meant--nothing has to change. Don't even give the option of multiple libraries unless the user explicitly enables it.

I did mean from the user's perspective, and this is a perfect example of how something that looks easy isn't.

"Explicitly enables it" implies a Preference. We already have too many of them, and if you look closely, only one preference changes _behavior_. But even if we did do that...

For reasons far to detailed to go into, multiple libraries and .Mac syncing cannot co-exist. Trust me on this one.

So what happens when a user runs Yojimbo, with syncing, and then they decide they want another Library?

First off, they need to use the menu item that doesn't exist to create one. Oh, that's after enabling the preference that doesn't exist to make the menu accessible.

But what does the user do about their syncing?

Well we could tell them to turn off syncing. That's not good. They were using that feature, and now we've taken it away.

We could hide the option if the user has syncing enabled. That's even worse, because if they know the feature exists (because they read it here, or their new installation which doesn't have syncing configured yet offered to them), there's no way for them to find it.

Even something as simple as this has implications that affect the people that don't want or need the feature.


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