On 01. May. 08, at 17:04 , Steve Kalkwarf wrote:

For reasons far to detailed to go into, multiple libraries and .Mac syncing cannot co-exist. Trust me on this one.

This is interesting. Is this a (current) limitation of .mac syncing that is associated with SQL CoreData libraries ? I can think of other 3rd party apps that can sync multiple "entities" over .mac, but perhaps they all have a different data storage model ? Until you made this statement, I was thinking^[1] that this could work as long as all libraries had unique names/IDs.


[1]: FWIW, this is something for which I anticipate a need in certain apps (e.g. Things) with which I work from more than one machine, but not in Yojimbo. I use Yojimbo (perhaps as intended) for storing everything in one place, rather than e.g. keeping private and professional apart. (Maybe the difference is that I "retrieve from" Yojimbo, but (in this example) "work in" Things. Clutter in Yojimbo would only be a problem if it prevented me from finding something.

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