Lists like these are easy places for people who are very happy with an program to start building wish lists and even discuss shortcomings and workarounds. I don't think the people on this list are unhappy with Yojimbo in anyway. Really, how can they be? It is an excellent program and one that I recommend to anyone who asks. Any many who don't.

I follow the GTD methodology quite seriously but as it is stated clearly, everyone needs to make their own system for Getting Things Done. Mr. Allen explains his reasonings and methods but everyone needs to look at themselves and the work and figure out how to make it work for them. I use just one program for my GTD system and it is Yojimbo. It is not designed for this, but it provides everything I need to make my own version work. I own other tools such as Omnifocus, and have run with Thinking Rock, Tasks and others for awhile, but they did not work for me because I needed a bit more control over the system.

At the end of the day though, within Yojimbo I could use nested folders for more organizing. It is one of two features that could be added that would be of great value. I don't 'need' them, but would sure use them. It is not a make or break feature, but one that I would sing out for joy if it were added.

And to clarify, my system is not waaaaaaaaaaay to complicated :-) If you give someone folders it is natural for them to want to put them into drawers or boxes or other folders. That is what a folder is, a collection of things. I don't have 100 loose folders lying around my actual physical desk. I have them organized in groups and categories in a drawer and on an organizer. Asking Barebones to take this pretty standard methodology for grouping items together is not a stretch or a failing in anyones system. You don't have to use it, it may be somewhat archaic when you have search, and tags and labels, but it is also simple and clean and comfortable to many people.

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