On 2008-05-01, at 04:44, Charlie Garrison wrote:

Good afternoon,

On 30/4/08 at 5:31 PM -0400, Luis Roca <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:

With that said I’m going to make a non-feature request to the Bare
Bones/Yojimbo team : Please don’t include a nested folder feature in the
next or any future releases of Yojimbo. PLEASE!!!

How refreshing, thanks Luis.  :-)

I'm also another very satisfied Yojimbo user. When I first started using it, I was creating collections and diligently filing new items. I never use collections now. The search field is way more flexible and very quick. I just add items to Y and trust they will be there when I need them.

The content/indexing of items is generally enough to search on (for bookmarks I will often grab the first paragraph of the page to add to comment field). And even though I was using tags religiously, I've even stopped doing that expect for rare circumstances.

Yojimbo is my knowledge base, and I've never had any trouble finding info I need. Well, that's not true, I have had problems but it's my own fault for not having moved everything from DevonTHINK yet. So if it's info from that long ago, I fire up DevonTHINK, find the info I was missing, and add it to Yojimbo.

And for everyone else who feels they MUST continue asking for the kitchen sink, Please read the last two lines of the sig on every message on this list. I want to use this list to learn how to better use the program we have, not speculate on how an excellent program can maybe improve marginally.

Hi all,
well I see that everybody are very heppy using Yojimbo, which is good. I am also happy Yojimbo user, and I am still trying to get used to pholosophy of personal management in Yojimbo. It is getting more and more suited for my needs, but when you are using such kind of program you need more and more. I don't want to have big application for everything, but some features IMHO need to be implemented if Yojimbo want to be on top of today "personal management" application market. Now we have centrilized iCal/TODO store in the Leopard for instance, we have more and more multimedia staff on our HDD so the list of smart collection is growing and growing and tha last, but no least tagging. Would be really nice to have all the home brewed apple scripts implemented in Yojimbo to do PDF Save with tags, automatically tag the items when you drag them to the smart collection, import NetNewsWire webpages with tags etc. Now you have to look throught the Internet sites to find the proper script or try do it by yourself right? So why do not implement all these functionalities to Yojimbo?

Krzysztof Maj

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