On 29 Apr 2008, at 19:38, Scott J. Lopez wrote:

Krzysztof, my message wasn't directed at you specificlly but in
response to the many "I wish Yojimbo did..." messages I've seen over
the years on this list.

Yojimbo is a nice, small application that was meant for organizing
some specific types of data. It's fast, it's lean, and it "just
works." I remember when BBEdit was a small lean application that grew
and grew over the years into a very powerful IDE. It grew so large
that BareBones decided to release TextWrangler (another great product)
to bring back a small, lean text editor. Some of us don't need all the
power of BBEdit, and some of us don't need Yojimbo to edit PDF files,
graphics, store video, manage my todo's, manage my files, develop web
sites, blog, upload, download, and many of the other requests I've
seen here. I'm sure if the developers took all time to add all these
featuers it would take years of man-power and the price would

I am just posting a reminder to Bare Bones that your product is well
appreciated as is! Maybe there are some others out there like me?

Oh, it certainly is appreciated - I have been using Yojimbo for just over two years now, and it's one of the few applications on the Mac that I have used consistently for all that time. (During that time I have gotten used to the idea that there are unlikely to ever be nested folders :) I have tried a few more general organisers which handle all sorts of files and I find that they actually slow me down - I would rather just know where my project directories are and edit things from there, rather than have to edit, re-import, update checksums and so on. Yojimbo's excellent Applescript support means that I can do an awful lot of custom work as well.

(I would very much like to have more powerful smart folders mind you, which are not just "AND" tag lists. I think that's in the vein of the Applescript support i.e. allowing users to set up their own filters and process things their own way if they need to.)

It does take all sorts though; I know people who swear by EagleFiler, or Evernote, or plain text notes or whatever.

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