I'm really glad someone spoke up for Yojimbo! (Thanks Scott) I've been
getting tired of seeing this list become a dump for what people don't
like about Yojimbo and move away from being a helpful resource. I have
no problem with feature requests but It's been absolutely over the top
in the last few months. I asked a pretty simple question just after the
latest release regarding moving PDFs of images to the new Image smart
collection. The question got completely lost in the sea of feature
requests and was never answered. (I came up with a solution a few days

With that said I’m going to make a non-feature request to the Bare
Bones/Yojimbo team : Please don’t include a nested folder feature in the
next or any future releases of Yojimbo. PLEASE!!!

I know this has been said before on this list but I’m going to repeat
it. If tagging, labels, smart collections, tag collections, search, date
sorting, file type sorting and folders (even if they aren’t nested), are
not enough for you to organize your information then :

1. Your archiving system is waaaaaaaaaaay to complicated. In which case
I would highly recommend the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.

2. Yojimbo just doesn’t work with your personal information management
style. If you want nested folders with the ability to quickly add and
retrieve then upgrade to Leopard and just use the Finder in combination
with Spotlight and/or Quicksilver.

Yojimbo does what it's supposed to do really, really well. Simplify the
process of archiving and retrieving reference items. Bare Bones doesn't
promise any more or less and they shouldn't. Read the product
description : <http://www.barebones.com/products/yojimbo/index.shtml>
and find the section on how Yojimbo is an excellent calendar, mail, blog
cms, rss feed reader and alternative operating system. Did you find it?
Hopefully you never will.

Bare Bones, your product is AWESOME!!! Thank you for making one part of
my life simple.

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