Wirajhana.....anda memang betul sekali. Ilmu kedoktoran pemakanan mengesahkan 
kecelakaan daging babi.
  Silakan mereka yg enggan mempercayai.....carikan di internet atau tanya terus 
pada doktor.
  History of Discovery (return to top)
  Tapeworm infections have been recorded in history from 1500 B.C. and have 
been recognized as one of the earliest human parasites. Taenia solium infection 
has been recognized since biblical times and the parasite life cycle has been 
identified by the 1850s. Although T. solium and T. saginata are very similar, 
the extraintestinal T. solium infection is far more dangerous and serious.
  Transmission/Reservoir (return to top)
  T. solium has a very similar transmission pattern to T. saginata. Humans are 
the only known definitive hosts for the T. solium. Human infection begins with 
the ingestion of infected raw or undercooked pork. The T. solium larvae gets 
digested out of the meat and attaches itself to the upper small intestine 
region. There it will mature and increase its number of proglottids. Terminal 
gravid proglottids will break off from the main body and will either pass out 
with the stool or worm its way out of the anus. In certain cases, 3 or 4 
attached proglottids will pass out together. The eggs housed in the proglottids 
will be released and remain viable in the soil, sewage, and land for weeks.
  However, unlike T. saginata, both pigs and humans can become intermediate 
hosts to the T. solium. When pigs and humans ingest the eggs, the oncospheres 
will pierce through the intestinal walls, travel through the circulatory 
system, and plant itself in the subcutaneous and intramuscular tissues such as 
the brain and eyes. Cysticercosis will develop in these areas and will become 
invective in 9-10 weeks. Pigs will die in several months. In humans, 
cysticercosis has a variety of damaging effects on the central nervous system, 
vision, and brain functions. 
  In humans, autoinfection of T. solium eggs can occur by reverse peristalsis 
of the intesine. 
  Epidemiology (return to top)
  T. solium is found everywhere in the world. However, prevalance of T. solium 
are high in Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Spain, and 
Portugal. Areas of poor sanitation, large fecal human contamination, and areas 
where pigs or swines graze have high rates of T.solium infection. Countries 
where people like to eat their meat undercooked (like some parts of Europe and 
Asia) also have high infection rates. Taeniasis and cysticercosis are very rare 
in Muslim countries

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            Wong referensinya AQ, ya salah maning salah maning...

    From: Wirajhana 
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  Subject: [zamanku] Deci: Cacing Pita (was: pembunuhan massal)


  lebih sehat makan sapi, domba dan kambing daripada makan babi atau anjing, 
karena selain menjijikkan, babi dan anjing ternyata membawa penyakit antara 
lain seperti cacing pita.
  Jadi anda pikir..sapi, domba, kambing  tidak ada cacing pitanya...anda keliru 
dan kalo bodo lebih baik rajin baca:
  semua binatang berpotensi dengan cacing pita dan antrax
  cacing pita itu bisa dimana aja, Cacing pita terbagi dalam cacing pita babi, 
cacing pita sapi dan cacing pita ikan. Dalam pembahasan ini adalah cacing pita 

   Taenia saginata, which is also known as the "beef tapeworm", though it also 
infects humans, and can only reproduce while in the human gut.   
   Taenia solium, which is known as the "pork tapeworm". Like Taenia saginata 
humans serve as its primary host, and it can only reproduce by the dispersal of 
proglottids while in the gut. These reinfect pigs when human faeces is 
improperly disposed of. This infection is most common in parts of Africa.   
   Taenia pisiformis, which is common in wild dogs and in rabbits, who serve as 
intermediate hosts.   
   Taenia crassiceps   
   Taenia gonyamai, parasite of antelope (larval-) and lions (adult forms).[1]  
   Taenia taeniaeformis, which uses rodents as intermediate hosts and then 
inhabits cats as the definitive host.
  bahkan di Ikan juga ada:

  Kalo udah kadung cacingan dan ngga punya duit, bisa pake labu kuning:
  Labu Kuning Penawar Racun dan Cacing Pita yang Kaya Antioksidan 
Gizi.net - Labu kuning atau waluh merupakan bahan pangan yang kaya vitamin A 
dan C, mineral, serta karbohidrat. Daging buahnya pun mengandung antiokisidan 
sebagai penangkal pelbagai jenis kanker. Sayang, sejauh ini pemanfaatannya 
belum optimal.

Buah labu dapat digunakan untuk pelbagai jenis makanan dan cita rasanya enak. 
Daunnya berfungsi sebagai sayur dan bijinya bermanfaat untuk dijadikan kuaci. 
Air buahnya berguna sebagai penawar racun binatang berbisa, sementara bijinya 
menjadi obat cacing pita.
  Siapa bilang Daging merah SEHAT? malah banyak bahayanya:
  Cancer  Recent studies indicate that red meat could pose a notable increase 
in cancer risk. Some studies have linked consumption of large amounts of red 
meat with breast cancer,[6] colorectal cancer,[7][8] stomach cancer,[9] 
lymphoma,[10] bladder cancer[11] and prostate cancer.[11][12] Furthermore, 
there is convincing evidence that consumption of beef, pork, lamb, and goat 
from domesticated animals is a cause of colorectal cancer.[13] Professor Sheila 
Bingham of the Dunn Human Nutrition Unit attributes this to the haemoglobin and 
myoglobin molecules which are found in red meat. She suggests these molecules, 
when ingested trigger a process called nitrosation in the gut which leads to 
the formation of carcinogens.[14][15]
  Eating cooked red meat may increase the likelihood of cancer because 
carcinogenic compounds called heterocyclic amines are created during the 
cooking process. Heterocyclic amines may not explain why red meat is more 
harmful than other meat, however, as these compounds are also found in poultry 
and fish, which have not been linked to an increased cancer risk.[16]
  Cardiovascular diseases  Red meat has a high content of saturated fat, which 
is associated with cardiovascular diseases.[11]
  A 1999 study funded by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, an advocacy 
group for beef producers, involved 191 persons with high cholesterol on diets 
where at least 80% of the meat intake came from either lean red meat in one 
group, or lean white meat in another. The results of this study showed nearly 
identical cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in both groups. This study 
suggests that lean red meat may play a role in a low-fat diet for persons with 
high cholesterol. [17] [18]
  Other health issues  Regular consumption of red meat has also been linked to 
bone loss,[19] type 2 diabetes,[20] hypertension[11] and arthritis.[11]
  Nah, resiko makan Sapi, Domba, kambing dan Babi ternyata sama...
  Berita baiknya semua bisa mati dengan memasak yang tepat
bukankah sudah diajarkan untuk memasak daging ayam dengan suhu yang benar (saat 
gencar2nya wabah flu burung?) 
  versi amerika silahkan lihat cara masak daging:
  The roundworm Trichinella spiralis is killed at about 140 degrees F (actually 
at 137 degrees F). Because thermometers can be inaccurate, most experts 
recommend cooking to 150 degrees F.

The wording of a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendation from 1998 (as 
a result of recent cases caused by cougar jerky in the southwestern US) is as 

"Cooking is one of the most common methods of assuring that ¡Trichinella¢ are 
destroyed; a temperature of 170 F (77 C) substantially exceeds the thermal 
death point and is usually achieved if the meat is cooked until it is no longer 
pink "
  Note the wording "170 F substantially exceeds" - they are being extremely 
cautious. Again, the actual temperature that kills the Trichinella is about 140 
degrees F.
    A meat thermometer is a very handy tool to use when 
cooking to test for the final temperature of your pork!
  Nah, anda boleh cinta Islam..tapikan tidak harus tolol!
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> Dear All juga :
> lebih sehat makan sapi, domba dan kambing daripada makan babi atau anjing, 
> karena selain menjijikkan, babi dan anjing ternyata membawa penyakit antara 
> lain seperti cacing pita.
> lagi pula sapi lebih enak di makan daripada disembah-sembah, apalagi dianggap 
> sebagai tunggangan dewa.
> "
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