I got this two disc about two weeks ago I think, but I really wanted to consult the group about a particular matter before spreading this vine any farther.
The person who sent me the discs (J. Lonon on the address label, sorry I've forgotten the e-mail address you post to Z-List from) warned me in advance that when he recieved the discs, the segues were not continuous on the first disc. That is, there's maybe 2 seconds (or slightly more on some songs) missing at the end of each track, as if the discs had at one point been burned with 2-second gaps between songs which were later edited out by the next person, resulting in these jarring segues. On my copy, this is only the case on the first disc, the second one is fine.
So, my question is, did the vine start in this condition? Is *everyone's* copy like this? Or did something go wrong somewhere along the line. Again, I don't want to continue distributing the disc if there's an error that shouldn't be and for my own personal brand of anal quasi-perfectionism, I really want to know if a non-screwup-having copy is circulating among the people on the vine before me, so that *I* can listen to the show without being irritated by the segues.
So who can help me out on this one?

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