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I have a copy of this taken from the recently released *Wanna Buy Some Acid
?* digipack boot.

On my copy BHAFA is at the end of disc 1 not the start of disc 2.Also on
this version YM fades out and is not the replaced version noted in Jim's

The bonus *filler* cuts remain intact and are indeed not as good quality as
the rest of the show.
-That's the other thing, the selection of bonus tracks seems to have changed somewhere along the line. I think the ones on my consist of a sbd recording of "Dinah-Moe Humm", the version of "Watermelon in Easter Hay" that's on MitB (was that 2/1578?) as well as the 2/3/76 "Black Napkins" and the Old Masters LP version of "Find Her Finer" (both of which also appeared on MitB).

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