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Hello all,
I sent this to Milhouse and got it from Skip.  At first I thought something was wrong with the copy I got, but once I saw it happened regularly, I thought it was built-in.  I agree, it is distracting, especially on some more than others.  I did not ask Skip about it.  I apologize.  I had been lucky to get in on some of the othre vines, I thought it might be typical to get one with some rough edges.  I'm not sure of the 'lineage' of this as it was passed along; maybe there is a solution.
Sorry again, Milhouse.
-There's not really a need to be so apologetic about it, you did tell me about the abrupt segues before you mailed me the discs. It just turned out to be more of an annoyance than I thought it would be. It wasn't your fault. I don't know that it was anyones "fault" in particular, but.. since this is a really cool show marred only by the screwy segues, I personally would like to have another copy of it without that problem and I'm sure others would, too. Hopefully we can all figure something out.

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