Thanks for the offer Carsten ,but these have been vined out.

bizarredk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hello my fellow Zappa'holics
I've been talking to Christoffer Heggem 'bout vining some shows. As he
wrote in an earlier mail he didn't have any boots to share. I thought
to myself, "that must be like living in hell ..... France? ... no .. hell"
so I asked him to pick a couple of shows from me. He choose these two

Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, N.Y.
November, 15, 1974

Oct 17 1980, Dallas, TX

the 74 show is a SBD, but the sound could be better
the 80 show "Pick Me I'm Clean" cuts in the middle of the solo, and
"City Of Tiny Lights" cuts in, but unfortunately not from the
beginning of the song

still, they are both dynamite shows

Now I'm uncertain if any of these shows are being vined allready? if
they are he might as well pick something else.
So if any of you have it ready for a re-vine, please send me a mail
Othervise I'll send the shows for him tomorrow - look for Christoffer
to re-offer

:o) Carsten

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