I'm sorry; I should have been more specific... (It's all in the FAQ,
Apology not accepted. Not everyone is as competitive with these yahoo groups as you are. You know some people see the goal of promoting Frank Zappa and co. to the world as being a universal thing. Only egotistical high handed self important snobs would worry about other yahoo groups devoted to the same exact cause.
Very agile handling of the personal attack, I must say.
Your yahoo Group "worries" me not at all. Your group promotes Mark & Howie, the Zappa-List promotes FZ (ya see, I can tell that from the titles, and from the slant both groups take). Regardless of your statement, we're not devoted to the same cause. Your cause is the Turtles; my cause is FZ. This aint tomato / tomahto, this is apples and oranges. And if you were truly concerned only with promoting FZ, and not yourself via your group, you would post FZ related info without the "check out my Group" addendum.
So who's in "competition" here? Not I.
The List has been (and continues to be) very happy with the simple rules that I've imposed in regards to messages. In my opinion, your promotion campaign isn't much different than the porn spammers out there that want you to check out their groups. Face it, Mr. Rosenberg, you're a spammer. The fact that you took such offense to my suggestion that you keep your posts focused on Frank, with out the promotional message, only proves that fact...
I didn't hide the post under a secret name, I put it under a F & E title, and viewers have the option of deleting the post or ignoring it's content!
But your post didn't say anything about F&E... It said in effect "click here if you want some inside poop on the Zappa boys and F&E". If you were interested in discussing FZ, you would have posted the info, without the "click here" addendum. Spam, sir.
On the contrary and please do not speak for me, or for that matter, please don't speak for anyone but yourself! My site, unlike yours, honors the first ammendment and we welcome all free speech. I would definitely want people to speak their minds and I definitely would not want someone telling people on my site what they could and couldn't post!
I speak for no one but myself. And those who join the Zappa-List are not censored - once they've shown that they have only the best interests of the List at heart. You've demonstrated only a love of your Group, not the List.
So, run your Group your way; more power to you. If I felt that the way I run the List was contrary to the member's wishes, I would gladly step down as owner... There's no agrandizement in it for me.
And there's no one bitching about it but you.
I repeat, info on them is welcome here...
I totally disagree. You have done everything to make me feel that my Flo and Eddie posts and related FZ info are not welcome here.
Had your posts contained anything worth sharing, this "disagreement" would not have taken place...
And now, I no longer feel the need to justify my actions - to you. I welcome any other member's opinion on this matter.
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