Nothing contrary to this members wishes. I support SOFA’s decision not to allow promotion of other groups. If someone wants to find a group about F&L or anything else, yahoo makes it very easy. I also feel it’s more like spam than a real post to the Zappa-List. I do belong to a couple of other yahoo groups. One of them is extremely lenient on posting rules but still doesn’t allow promotion of other groups.


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I speak for no one but myself. And those who join the Zappa-List are not censored - once they've shown that they have only the best interests of the List at heart. You've demonstrated only a love of your Group, not the List.

So, run your Group your way; more power to you. If I felt that the way I run the List was contrary to the member's wishes, I would gladly step down as owner... There's no agrandizement in it for me.

And there's no one bitching about it but you.


I repeat, info on them is welcome here...

I totally disagree. You have done everything to make me feel that my Flo and Eddie posts and related FZ info are not welcome here.

Had your posts contained anything worth sharing, this "disagreement" would not have taken place...

And now, I no longer feel the need to justify my actions - to you. I welcome any other member's opinion on this matter.

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