Other email groups have been mentioned here, Gabriel? Or do you mean web sites? I don't recall any email Groups mentioned here, not in the last several years... Obviously, I tend be rather strict about that - that, and personal attacks; the only two prohibitions I employ...
Web sites with FZ content - heck yeah! The more the better!
This was the very first "post" Mr. Rosenberg submitted, which y'all didn't get to see (because I disapproved it):
"Subscribe to turtlesfan [input] [input] Powered by launch.groups.yahoo.com Post
message:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:turtlesfan-subsc
This was Mr. Rosenberg's way of saying "Hello" to us.
Nothing more, nothing less. Just "join this group"...
I, uh, don't see any mention of FZ there anywhere, do you?
Thank you for posting your thoughts, Gabriel. I will consider them from now on. To do this group justice, I need to know how folks feel about things...
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Well said, but we can't forget other groups have been mentioned here, and i personally feel there's nothing wrong with that if it's properly contextualized (ie, a conversation brings up a topic and someone mentions a related group).
It's different than going ┬┤check out my group┬┤ out of nothing.

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