Wrong, my cause is not The Turtles. If you had read about what you are talking about before speaking, perhaps you would have seen that my group clearly is devoted to Flo & Eddie AND Frank Zappa.
My mistake then...
I popped by after the initial "hello"; I didn't see anything there of any great import. I'm sure that I'm really missing out on something far-out and groovy - like a night at a Holiday Inn.
(Magic Fingers in the bed, wall-mounted TV screens, coffee hose plugged into the bathroom wall - formica's really keen.)
And if you were truly concerned only with promoting FZ, and not yourself via your group, you would post FZ related info without the "check out my Group" addendum.
Excuse me? YOU JUST WROTE TO ME THAT ALOT OF PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD MIGHT NOT WANT TO READ FLO AND EDDIE POSTS. I was doing you a favor but from now on, I will just fully post without worrying about your problems with Flo and Eddie posts.
Whatever, Dude...
The only "favor" you need do for anyone is follow the rules.
Post all the F&E poot you want.
So ! you will have this group believe that promoting Flo and Eddi is the same as promoting porn? Can't wait to send this to the Zappa boys. By the way, you should really check out who you are dishing out before you do so, might be stepping on the toes connected to the ass that you have to kiss tomorrow.
Promoting F&E isn't the same as promoting porn. The way you went about it is. Big Difference.
The fact that you don't seem to get it is amusing...
Send whatever you want to whomever you wish. I have so far refrained from "dishing" you, or anyone else, out. I have merely called a spade a spade...
If I am a spammer, why don't you delete me from your list? Afraid I'll contact someone about it, someone you actually may give two f's for?
I don't need to delete you. Unfortunately, I do have to moderate you.
Because you just don't get it.
Frankly, I don't need this kind of shit...
And I fear nothing, from you or anyone you'd care to contact. Your rant is so baseless, and your "defense" is so pathetic, your only proving my point with every response.
This kinda reminds me of Isaac over at the zappa forums. He doesn't get it either...
Music is the Best!

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