It wasn't I who asked that he stop; most likely this is in response someone else's request.
Like Howard's, LOL!
Thanks for another head's up, rabbitt.
Hey, why don't you tell us a quick Howie story, rabbitt? Your stories are probably better than Mr. Rosenberg's by a long shot!
Warm Regards,
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I have been asked to stop posting the private emails that Howard and
Mark write to me. I didn't realize that it offended anyone, I
apologize if it did.

The reason why I posted those emails is because I; (a) wanted
everyone on the board to believe that I wasn't full of crap and I
really am a friend (in a limited capacity) to Mark and Howard (b)
wanted everyone to feel as close to M & H as I do (c) didn't want to
rewrite their words as my own in a general paraphrase and (d) wanted
to be real with the group and (e) didn't think that Mark and Howard
would give two F's if I posted their completely Turtles/F&E music
business related emails, that were written to a fan, with only 14
other fans, as the turtles yahoo fan page only has 15 members
including the one fan that the emails were originally sent to.

I have been asked to stop by another Turtles fan, I don't want to
upset anyone on this board at all, so I am adhering.

I am sorry to say that I no longer am allowed to post private Turtles
written email on this list, but I will do my best to relay all the
information I can.


For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.


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