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Thanks for another head's up, rabbitt.
Hey, why don't you tell us a quick Howie story, rabbitt? Your stories are probably better than Mr. Rosenberg's by a long shot!
Warm Regards,
Hello All!
After I posted this yesterday, I received a phone call from white rabbitt. He told me a little "Howie" story, and asked that I relate it to you. I think he feels that I would articulate it easier than he...
Well, his wish is my command!
(Okay, I gotta tell ya; this aint going to be easy. Talking with rabbitt is much like a wild rollercoaster ride - with your eyes closed: you get exhilerated in a particular direction and then whamo, you're going in a completely different direction. We covered everything from FZ's bizarre sense of humor to High School Football in a very short period of time. I'm still a bit dazed by the experience. I mean, he had me visualizing the log cabin and the Laurel Canyon neighborhood in reference to the computer keyboard and the placement of the mouse pad and mouse!)
[[And rabbitt, one day I want to hear more about the 3 chicks that lived next door to the log cabin! And feel free to correct any of this if I get it wrong...]]
white rabbitt was crashing at the Zappa house (the old log cabin) when Frank received an invite to a party hosted by Dick Clark. Frank took a few friends with him to the party; rabbitt got to tag along. At the party, there were several interesting celebrity guests. Among the guests were Howard and Mark; this was white rabbit's first meeting with Flo & Eddie.
rabbitt says that they were very "real" people. Easy to talk to, no superior air, they were just down to earth kinda guys. As the party progressed, joints were shared; most guests partook - except Frank, of course. Don't know if Dick Clark did (rabbitt?).
Also at this party were members of The Monkees; Mickey Dolenz lived in the same Laurel Canyon neighborhood as FZ. As the joints were being passed, Howard offered his to Davey Jones. Davey politely declined, stating that his "fans would never understand, or accept, his smoking pot...
"Plastic People, oh baby now, you're such a drag..."
This was one of several short vinettes with which I was regaled last night by white rabbitt. Dude, you need a ghost writer. You've got so much of interest in your memory banks; I can't do you justice...
I hope you all enjoyed this little 1960's Howie moment.

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