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Do you mean that the 83 minute time still needs corrected?
Yeah. That show, at the correct speed, shouldn't be 83 minutes. It should fit on one disc.
If you mean that it still needs corrected I might have a go at it. The problem then becomes the pitch. What if someone has already corrected the pitch digitally without correcting the speed? This can be done these days. My wav editing software can correct the speed with or without changing the pitch. I think it can also correct the pitch without affecting the speed too. Perhaps my ears can be my guide.
Yeah, give it a listen. See how the Be-Bop Tango sounds, pitch-wise, compared to the Roxy version, for instance. If there was no mention of it having been corrected at some point previously, I would assume that both the speed and pitch need corrected (raised, in this case) on this 83 minute version.

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