Hmmm... I hear your plea.
Here's the way I see it (what I like to think is a biased - I love this group / unbiased - I respect both aspects as mentioned / historical - been running it for a few years now / experiential - I'm active in several of these groups - point of view), Barry:
When I assumed the wheel here, the List was strictly "Zappa discussion" - there were other eGroups out there that catered to the "tape trading" crowd. I'd participate on the fringes, as I do collect FZ music, but stayed out of the action because - well - I have more FZ than I can listen to. I wanted to have dialog with other Zappa fans...
I watched with interest how the other FZ groups out there (esp at yahoo) sorta petered out after a little while. It seemed to me that those fans weren't disappearing, just the organized groups... And I figured that the "vine" concept, while allowing a spot for the 'displaced' collector, would not interfere that much in the flow of conversation - which, historically, tends to be "spotty" with short bursts of activity followed by long stretches of inactivity.
In other words, I perceived a need to which I thought the List should cater. One of my concerns was that soon the topic of conversation would be vines and only vines. I haven't found this to be the case, tho I agree that the VO's do account for the majority of the "activity" around here, and they do tend to fly fast and furious, and they probably do contribute to posts being "lost in the shuffle". But frankly, segregating the two "camps" - IMO - would simply create two groups that would not come close to equaling the sum of their respective parts...
Honestly, inactivity would occur in both arenas. One only need to check out the archive history of the other groups out there, to get a feel for how groups form and eventually die (I will refrain from citing any examples).
For me, the answer to your plea is - discuss more. Why can't a viner respond to a vine post, or even create a new post, with a personal review of what they've experienced? Why couldn't a vine post prompt a discussion about a certain rhythm section, or compare eras? No, I don't think curtailing the vines is the answer to the lop-sided nature of our message archives; want more discussion? Discuss more.
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> order to free bandwidth for the actual "discussion" (which is the
> announced purpose of the list).
> The vine threads, as exciting as these might be, eat up incredible
> amounts of space it seems to me! And no actual discussion seems to ever
> go anywhere because the threads go down so fast and thus fail to
> probably be even seen...

I agree!
I joined this list to get the latest FZ news. Everyone should enjoy their trading etc. but a separate list just for the discussion of the music would be very welcome.

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