It’s home brewed Starbucks Columbian here. Two packets of Splenda and some 
Coffee-mate. The only booze I’ve had all weekend was a couple bottles of 20 
proof Nyquil. Came down with the Flu suddenly Friday but I woke up this morning 
feeling much better. Happy holidays to everyone.  


Jim L


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It's 9AM here in Michigan. I'm drinking a nice cup of Starbucks French Roast 
(with a drizzle of Hazelnut creamer), trying to ignore the after effects of my 
"trip to Belgium" last night...

We had our 'personal' gift exchange last night - later today is with the 
extended family - and I did imbibe in some of my gifts: a tall Chimay, a small 
Duvel, Maredsous, & Corsendonk. As it appears I may never actually visit 
Belgium, enjoying their Brew is a vicarious thrill.

Today, a tasty US Microbrew: Arcadia Scotch Ale.

But for now, the coffee is making my tongue feel less troop-trodden...

Merry Christmas, all!


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And in case any of you are thinking this sad git is stuck on the pc not 
having a Xmas,don't worry,I am.

Me and the wife are just starting to cook our Xmas meal and I'm just nipping 
now and again to the pc to avoid peeling sprouts etc and was wondering what 
are folk imbibing this Xmas ?

It's 11.35am here in the UK and I've just started on a pint of Bath Ales 
Festivity which is a cracking rum porter weighing in at 5%.......I have a 9 
pint micro cask but won't be drinking all that today.

I know there are quite a few good micro breweries in the US,wasn't there a 
Freak Out beer recently ?

See,I managed a post about Xmas food and still got a Zappa reference in 
there ;-))

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