In the southeast corner of Kansas I've had just enuf George Dickell Tennessee 
sippin' whiskey to make last night a fond memory---this morning's Starbucks 
breakfast roast coffee (freshly ground up beans in my coffee-bean grinder) with 
a little fatfree cream & a small splash of Bailey's Irish Cream, was very 
satisfying---took care of the good morning burbon headache quite nicely---my 
family & a few close friends will be enjoying a fabulos Christmas dinner 
prepared by my mother, who's an awesome chef---MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!---john 
g in kansas
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  It's medicinal Glen. Drink enough and it induces a sort of healing coma.

  Jim L


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  Jim L wrote

  The only booze I've had all weekend was a couple bottles of 20 proof 

  Jeez,I should think that's all you'll need.

  What is it exactly.I've never heard of it ?

  That's got to be too strong for a beer ?




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