Welcome to the List, Michael.
As for your "question", I don't think anyone really knows why FZ made the 
choices he made in regards to what became a recorded artifact...
As for Live renditions of Alfonzo (can't say I've seen the one on YouTube, tho' 
I may have), plenty of them exist: (the tune 'toured' in 73, 74, 78, & 79 as 
part of the Yellow Snow Suite, and as a stand alone song in 1980) Stage Series 
Volume 1 has it in the legitimate releases and I'm sure there's a boot of it 
making the rounds somewhere...
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  Hello, my name is Michael Smith and I'm new here.  I'm a huge Zappa 
  fan, my alltime favorite, and I'me very into his music and 

  There is one thing I don't understand about the song "St. Alfonzo's 
  Pancake Breakfast".  On Apostrophe it's only 1:50 minutes long.  
  However, the live 1978 version I found on YouTube is over 7 minutes 
  long and one of Zappa finest moments (in my opinion).  There's also a 
  live version on Saarbrucken 1979 but it's expensive and the quality 
  isn't the best.

  What I don't understand is why Zappa didn't record this extended live 
  version on any of his other live albums, it's such a better song than a 
  lot of other live songs he recorded.  It's especially frustrating 
  because this extended live version is probably in my top 3 favorite 
  Zappa songs and may be my favorite.  Anyone care to comment?

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