Re: Roxy & Elsewhere, I wouldn't go that far. There *are* some overdubs (on 
"Be-Bop Tango", "Echidna's Arf" and "Don't You Ever Wash That Thing", and 
there's even a section of Cheepnis that more than likely comes from a studio 
session), but it's nothing like the overdubbage you'll find on, say, "Sheik 
Yerbouti". The "Them Or Us" album is an even better example -- many of the 
tracks on that album come from live or soundcheck performances, but without 
knowing that, you'd be hard pressed to point to anything on that album as a 
live recording except maybe the end of "Whipping Post" where you can actually 
hear an audience.



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I know what you as far as a complete studio version but it seems much 

of FZs live stuff were live/studio hybrids with overdubs, which gives 

it all such an interesting aural quality - just like the stuff on Roxy 

& Elsewhere that was full of the famous FZ live/studio hybrid.


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