I agree with SOFA on that. I've always felt that FZ was robed of the years
he should have had later to reflect on and release some of the live shows.
He recorded so many live shows in multi track format that, one can only
speculate what would have happened by now. Of course many of these shows
have leaked out as free bootlegs.  


Jim L


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Welcome to the List, Michael.

As for your "question", I don't think anyone really knows why FZ made the
choices he made in regards to what became a recorded artifact...

As for Live renditions of Alfonzo (can't say I've seen the one on YouTube,
tho' I may have), plenty of them exist: (the tune 'toured' in 73, 74, 78, &
79 as part of the Yellow Snow Suite, and as a stand alone song in 1980)
Stage Series Volume 1 has it in the legitimate releases and I'm sure there's
a boot of it making the rounds somewhere...



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Hello, my name is Michael Smith and I'm new here.  I'm a huge Zappa 
fan, my alltime favorite, and I'me very into his music and 

There is one thing I don't understand about the song "St. Alfonzo's 
Pancake Breakfast".  On Apostrophe it's only 1:50 minutes long.  
However, the live 1978 version I found on YouTube is over 7 minutes 
long and one of Zappa finest moments (in my opinion).  There's also a 
live version on Saarbrucken 1979 but it's expensive and the quality 
isn't the best.

What I don't understand is why Zappa didn't record this extended live 
version on any of his other live albums, it's such a better song than a 
lot of other live songs he recorded.  It's especially frustrating 
because this extended live version is probably in my top 3 favorite 
Zappa songs and may be my favorite.  Anyone care to comment?

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