In our brief acquaintance, you have never - to my knowledge - misremembered 
anything re our hero...
And he's right, Michael (busted again, damn how does he do it?); in my search 
for info I should know off the top of my head, I scrambled the data I was 
gleaning from Roman Garcia's page. It was Yellow Snow that was performed as a 
stand alone tune in the 80 tours - not Alfonzo...
Hey Mil! It's really good to see we still pique your interest enough to draw a 
response. I - for one - miss your elucidations; and I hope all has been well 
for you and yours!
Warmest Regards,

PS Michael, Milhouse; Milhouse, Michael... There. We've all been sorta 
introduced - oh yeah, Michael, Jim L; Jim L, Michael...
(This PC moment was sponsored by Jack La Lanne Hamburgers on 312 Whittier 
  I may be misremembering and, therefore, wrong but I don't think "St. 
  Alphonso's" was performed alone in 1980. "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" 
  definitely was, though.


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