So I was wrong... I've seen neither, so I wouldn't know.
Uhm, Milhouse was actually stating that a vine of officially released material 
shouldn't appear on the List - and he is quite right. If you want to contact 
plotch off-list and effect a trade, that is your business...
There's more than one VH1? WTF? Do they call it VH1 too, or VH1-2?
I've got to quit working so hard, and watch more television...
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  Hey Milhouse,
  I would like to get in on this, vine or whatever.

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      Lastly, I have this on a DVD made for me by a friend, with some
      bonus videos tossed on. If anyone is interested in a copy, or
      to start a vine, send me an email, as I tried once before with
      one and had no response.

    I would think trading of officially released material would be sort of a 

      Welcome to the Zappa-List, Zappawench! Love your ID! ;-)


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