testing 2.6.33-rc3 on corgi, with limited configuration for kexecboot.
Kexecbooy fails with >2.6.30 kernels , with open flash: No such device.
I found out in the code the reason: we hardcode some mtd readings...see issue #1

Issues not present fin 2.6.26 found so far:

1) lack of sharpsl-flash (mtdblock1)
Well, I discovered the map sharpsl-flash.c was removed

how can I revive it and have root in mtdblock2?

2) no suspend (dunno resume ;)

3) sd card is not detected after eject/reinsert (the reScan code in kexecboot)

Possibly my defconfig ( http://tinyurl.com/yckax6l ) is
sub-optimal...I'm open to all suggestions :)


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